Apostolate of Education


Teaching field is another aspect of St. Martha’s sister’s service. Schools and colleges are the most important platforms to mould the future of many generations.


With the awareness that we are called to give the good news of the Kingdom to all, we should impart quality education to all especially to the poor and the marginalized to empower them.

Our educational institutions are to be transformed into temples transmitting the presence of God and family spirit. We should cultivate truth and justice and foster the spirit of cooperation and communion in the school/college community. We must always remain faithful in our efforts to convert our fields of education into ideal venues of social change as well as Christian formation without being concerned about name and fame.

Our Educational Institutions should always maintain the identity of Catholic education by exercising our right and responsibility in proclaiming the Gospel and in imparting formation according to Christian values, although there are children of different castes and creeds.