Faith formation


Through Christian formation, SMC leads the people of God to the significance of the gift of faith established through baptism and to the inestimable riches of the enigmatic of the salvation of Christ empowering them to worship God the Father in spirit and truth.

SMC is to enlighten the laity in their apostolic accountability and help them to carry it out with honest passion and love for Christ, so that the Christian transformation of the whole world may be attained through them.



Evangelisation means the proclamation of Good news or Kingdom of God. This proclamation is the words and deeds of Jesus or Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Proclaim the Gospel to all generations (cf. Mt 28:19) is a mission of the Church that cannot be substituted by any other. No Christian or institution in the Church can be exempted from this most important responsibility of proclaiming the Gospel. SMCs are consecrated, remaining united with the teaching authority of the Church, have to lead the people of God to true faith in the light of the Gospels.


 The Church delivers a special mission to the consecrated persons in teaching catechism. Through Catechesis we should lead the people to the fullness of life and to the experience of Jesus Christ that helps them to proclaim, “We have seen the Lord” (Jn 1:41).

Pastoral Activities

Pastoral service is a vital trait of the charism of SMC sisters. Wherever a new house is started we involve in the pastoral activities of the parish together with the priests there. We actively take part in the liturgy, catechism, home mission, animate different groups like CYML, KCYM, Mathrujyothi, Credit union etc. House visiting is a special feature of our parish work. Usually, we visit the houses in the parish without discrimination of caste or creed.

The following are the salient features of our Apostolates:

  • Combining the prayer life and apostolic activities.
  • Preserving the spirit of prayer by constant contact with God even in the midst of our various services.
  • Leading a life of hard work and simplicity.
  • Maintaining an attitude of service always and everywhere.
  • Be joyful in rendering humble service to others.
  • Be available to the services of the local church.
  • Be obedient to the ecclesiastical authorities and authorities of the congregation.
  • Fostering devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary and to St. Joseph the protector of the church.
  • Creating the atmosphere of Bethany in our communities after the model of St. Martha.
  • Submitting ourselves completely to the Divine providence.