Our Emblem

The Emblem proper to the Congregation of the Sisters of St Martha bears:  the  Scripture, a Lamp, the Circle, an Image of St Martha inside the Burning Flame,  the beautiful St Thomas Cross crowning the Circle and  the Motto.

SCRIPTURE: The Sacred Scripture which is the Law of Love is to be the foundation and criterion of our life and all our services.  It shows forth the source from where the members of the Congregation receive the necessary spiritual nourishment, experiencing deeply God’s Paternal Love and enabling them to become true disciples of Christ

LAMP: We follow Christ the Light of the world. Our good works should shine forth as light before the world and glorify the Heavenly Father. 

CIRCLE: The Circle symbolizing the world reminds us that we are called to a life of witness to Christ and thus take His message to every part of the world.

ST MARTHA: We are committed to a life of service to the people of God and our Religious Family, in imitation of the life of St Martha.

ST THOMAS CROSS: The St Thomas Cross symbolizes the message of Jesus preached in our land by St Thomas the Apostle of India. Our vocation as Sisters of St Martha prompts us serve others in a spirit overflowing our life of prayer and thus following Christ closely by a life of simplicity.

MOTTO: The St Martha’s Congregation considers it our privilege and GLORY that we are called to SERVE God and His people in a spirit of prayer. Our Motto (TO SERVE IS GLORY) contains this twin-target.  The light red colour of the writing tells us of a life of sacrifice.